MAJO® was founded and continues to work based on three fundamental ideals:
absolute CRAFTSMANSHIP, rigorous selection of RAW MATERIALS, and exclusive ITALIAN production.


With these principals always at the heart of the MAJO® philosophy, the company has grown and developed, constantly making a name for itself in the most prestigious boutiques in Italian and internationally.

The combination of old-fashioned “know-how” with contemporary taste has given rise to collections with an extremely distinctive and recognizable character. This has made Majo® style unique and inimitable.

The Majo® brand, unconventional and never commonplace, finds its strength in the uniqueness of products that will keep their strong personality over the years.

The MAJO® brand was founded in 2000 in Terni.  It owes its name to the giant trip-hammer in the “Società delle Fucine” steel mill.  That beating heart of the city that was a metalworking center of worldwide importance at the beginning of the last century. The sound of the hammer beat the rhythm of the day for the whole community, creating a proud sense of belonging.

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