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A modern global brand with an “East meets West” aesthetic. Born out of the marriage of European fine jewelry sensibility, American self-assurance and Ottoman and Byzantine influence and craftsmanship.

For Stella Flame, her eponymous fine jewelry collection and Hamptons Gallery are the most recent manifestations of a life devoted to beautiful design. Prior to launching her jewelry line in 2008, Stella was known for her work as a New York- based designer and retailer of knitwear, men’s and women’s apparel and interior decor.

Today, Stella designs for the spirited jewelry enthusiast and her highly collectable pieces are easily layered and mixed, allowing the wearer to create an individual statement and look.  The collection aesthetic is influenced by the designer’s personal passion for antiques, art and travel and by the sensual richness of Istanbul, where “East Meets West”. Stella also reflects her unique perspective in her Gallery, featuring her own Collection, as well as work from Guest Jewelers and Artists from around the world. (5).jpg (2).jpg

Sensual, opulent, exotic--and a little bit edgy. Inspired by the mystery and beauty of Istanbul, Stella Flame's luxury jewelry collection utilizes natural motifs in surprising ways. Every piece is handmade by their master jewelers.

Stella’s jewelry has been featured in a wide range of fashion and lifestyle media. Her work is also showcased in "BEJEWELED: THE WORLD OF ETHICAL JEWELRY" by Kyle Roderick (Rizolli New York). 

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