SOLA Showroom is a multi-collection fashion showroom located in Chelsea, NYC.

SOLA represents coveted luxury designer jewelry, handbags, scarves, shoe,

and clothing collections curated from around the world.

From luxe leather handmade bags to one-of-a kind pieces of reworked vintage jewelry, SOLA brings the most sought after collections together while celebrating the individuality of each line.

Founded by Lisa Natt in 1996, SOLA’s primary focus continues to be meeting the dual challenge of representing designers who set the bar for superior craftsmanship while maintaining and developing store affiliations that create unparalleled sell-through for our retail partners.

All aspects of sales and in-house public relations are orchestrated by the SOLA staff. We are dedicated to launching and establishing emerging designers who

meet our exacting standards in both international and American markets.

Our marketing team works with top department and specialty stores across the globe to provide both proper distribution and successful product strategy.