Cathy Christiansen was born into the modeling and fashion world with her family opening a high-end clothing store in the 60’s.  Surrounded by the latest and best collections of the day such as Rudi Gernreich, Cathy developed an eye for design.​ A successful model representing many companies such as Max Factor Clairol.​ Cathy took her developed eye for design and opened a multi brand showroom representing collections from all over the world. ​ Working on design ideas and merchandising, she took the next step by taking her own ideas for the companies she represented and designs to start CHRISTIANSEN handbags & leathers.​  Her concept is to take exotic skins or plain leathers and create a reason to buy, always a little different, with hand stitching or lazer cut details.  The collection is cool and beautiful for those who do not just want another handbag but an interesting and unique statement.  Selling to the top stores in the world, her bags are seen on the arm of many celebrities and high profile clients.