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Founded by Fashion Industry veteran Karen Levitt in 2017, Grenn Pilot is a luxury, outerwear, home, accessory, and baby collection that emphasizes sustainability. At Grenn Pilot, they believe in creating luxury fashion that you can feel good about.


Their focus is to use materials that do not pollute the Earth. All Grenn Pilot products are cut from 100% sheepskin, cowhide, leather or suede coming from exclusively sustainable sources, and are by-products of the food industry. They are proud to work exclusively with tanneries that hold themselves to the highest level of accountability and environmental responsibility. By doing so, their products are ethical, good for the planet, and good for the longevity of your pieces.

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As a woman-owned business and member of the Female Founder Collective, Grenn Pilot centers around female empowerment. We source our materials from local artisans whenever possible. Supporting other artisans and entrepreneurs is integral to Grenn Pilot’s mission.

A proud member of:

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