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Janavi. The word itself means the life source of India – The Ganges. And like its namesake,

Janavi is a phenomenon that bursts forth with powerful passion and flows into every aspect of its weave and design.


The love for creating only the best defines the essence of Janavi. The shawls are timeless

classics and have a universal appeal. Created with utmost care and with a strong belief of

quality over quantity, each Janavi product is unique. The collections include an exclusive line of garments and evening bags and further spread the magic of Janavi’s signature shawls and stoles.


Conceived to make a distinctive mark with its vibrant and traditional ethos, Janavi excels in

presenting creations that shine through like the brilliance of the sun in the international arena with their sheer sophistication and beauty.


Each Janavi wrap is like poetry in pashmina: the purest cashmere embellished with the

exclusive touch of the unusual. Chantilly lace, Semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal as well as the  blend with unusual yarns like gold and tourmaline makes Janavi cater to the desires of women with a discerning eye.


Jyotika Jhalani  has been committed for over a decade in creating a brand synonymous with originality, style and elegance. All of which comes from her love for hues of nature.


Janavi today has a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in New Delhi, complaint with international standards. Here the skilled craftsmen weave their magic and create enchantment out of cashmere. The designs are inspired from the heritage of India and cultures around the world.


So be it something that lends a touch of class when thrown over a business suit or a rhapsody in passion clinging lovingly to shoulders on a special evening, a Janavi creation never fails to add that joie-de-vivre, that spark to the occasion, wherever in the world it is worn. A true mark of luxury.

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